SimulTel is an innovative interpreting solutions company dedicated to using cutting-edge technology to bridge the language gap between patients with limited English proficiency and their health care providers.

SimulTel’s patented technology makes it the world’s first and only provider of two-way remote simultaneous interpreting solutions.

Serving large and growing patient populations with limited English proficiency, SimulTel’s technology is in use by a number of health care facilities including New York City’s renowned Bellevue Hospital Center.

What is simultaneous interpreting?
Why medical interpreting?
Client Case Study

Simultaneous is a near word-for-word running rendition performed within seconds of the original speech—nearly simultaneously—almost like a voiceover. This patent-protected model takes nearly half the time and is less error prone than other interpreting modalities on the market.

SimulTel is the only provider of over-the-phone simultaneous interpreting. All other strategies currently available to health facilities utilize consecutive interpreting.

Simultaneous interpreting is most commonly associated with the United Nations (U.N.), and is often referred to as the U.N.-style of interpreting.

The foreign-born population in the United States has doubled in the past 25 years. During the past decade, the U.S. population with limited English proficiency (LEP) has increased by 50% to over 21 million. Effective patient-physician communication is the cornerstone of the medical interview. Health care facilities are mandated by federal legislation to address interpreting needs.

43 states have laws to address health care access and quality for LEP patients. SimulTel provides remote medical interpreting services to facilitate accurate and efficient communication between patients and their health care providers.

Bellevue Hospital Center takes interpreting services very seriously. It is the nation’s oldest public hospital, serving a linguistically and ethnically diverse immigrant and refugee population. Bellevue needed to arrive at a cost-effective solution to meet its large interpreting demand. SimulTel helped Bellevue address this need. The approach has been featured in the press and has received several awards.
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